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i hate the way this website romanticizes jimmy neutron 

Did someone say romance




what if bees sang songs when they flew by your ears

[tiny bee whisper/sings] ah ah ah ah stayin alive

Well I had an awkward experience tonight… I work really late at my job, and I usually go to the store after I get off work because it’s on the way home and there aren’t many people since it’s so late. Well, tonight while I was shopping I had to go to the bathroom, so I went into the public restroom and there was just one guy standing at a urinal, and just a split second after I walked in, I heard the shutter sound from a camera.. the guy was pissing with one hand and had his iphone in his other hand, and I think it’s pretty obvious what exactly happened… Really man?? It just couldn’t wait?? You just HAD to snap a quick one at the URINAL IN A PUBLIC RESTROOM??